Jan 132016

Lou Jones, esteemed Boston-based photographer January 21, 7PM:  A Lecture Series on Innovation in Contemporary Photography. Jones has been awarded Travel Photographer of the Year by the International Photographic Council (United Nations). Nikon recognizes Jones as a “Legend Behind the Lens” and Lowepro has honored him as a “Champion”.for his photography, Jones helped found the […]

Apr 152015

In preparation for an upcoming photo Meetup I spent the afternoon at my favorite spot in Essex County: Gloucester, Massachusetts where 300 years of fishing tradition continue, amid economic hardship, tough fishing restrictions, and offshore competition. The reflections and colors of the harbor have held my attention for 30 years. Today, I was lucky to […]

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Apr 132015

I live in a small town north of Boston where as the saying goes, “they roll the sidewalks up at night.” Nevertheless, there still is some color after the sun has set.

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Mar 232015
Textures and Colors of Gloucester Harbor

On this cold and blustery second day of spring I visited favorite haunts in Gloucester and Rockport on Cape Ann.

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Oct 252013
Clear Skies Over Boston and Cambridge

It was a perfect day to be photographing from the 20th floor of a building in Boston. The Back Back neighborhood, the Charles River, the Mass Ave Bridge, and Cambridge are crystal clear.

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Apr 152013
Wingaersheek Beach — Fading Afternoon Light

The fading afternoon light at Wingaersheek Beach highlights contours of the granite outcrops in the tide. Annisquam Light is on the horizon. Click here to see a larger image or to purchase an archival print or license for commercial use.

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Feb 212013
My Day On A Tugboat

The first photographs I ever made, with my Dad’s guidance, were of tugboats and barges moored at piers along the Manhattan side of the East River in New York. I loved the deep rumbling sound of their diesel engines and most of all, the piercing “toot” of the tugboat whistles. I watched as teams of powerful tugs nudged huge vessels into piers on the Manhattan and Brooklyn shores and wondered what it would be like to take a trip on a tug.

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Jan 202013
Sunset Over Wingaersheek Beach

I rushed to catch the sunset tonight from the Annisquam neighborhood of Gloucester, MA. Got there just in time, don’t you think?

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Nov 122012
Autumn Night on Cape Ann

Bearskin Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts is a year round mecca for tourists but traffic slows down considerably by mid November. It’s a bit like Provincetown, MA in minature and much more intimate and approachable.

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Oct 122012
Bridge Photography From the Air

I have a client who engages me to photograph temporary bridges over highways and waterways. No doubt you have seen some of these projects; bare steel structures that stand for months or even years while new crossings are built or old bridges repaired. On this day I hired a single engine plane and a pilot to fly over the Merrimack River in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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