Mar 222011
Cheap Photo Strategy Backfires On Business

…the client insisted on going with some bargain-priced micro-stock images.

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Jan 082011
RIP: Kodachrome

I may be among the last to lament the retirement of Kodachrome from the diminishing lineup of Eastman Kodak films yet, there may be room for just one more eulogy. On December 30, 2010, the last photo lab in the the world to provide processing of the iconic film, shut down its Kodachrome operation.

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Jan 062011
Why You Need A Pro Photographer: DIY In-House Photos Compromise Your Image — Costing You Time and Money

Now more than ever, images and photography play a decisive role in defining your company’s image. When SEO (search engine optimization) tools and specialists record and analyze the duration, source, and movement of each site visit, can you really afford NOT to use professionally produced photographs in your marketing? Is the good enough photo made by someone on your in-house team, what you really want on the front page of marketing piece?

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Nov 022009

In three consecutive days I shot architecture in Boston’s South End, a client’s family reunion, and took a hike with my daughter to one of our favorite nature venues. The contrast in photo assignments was invigorating and I felt very much “in the zone” with all my creative energies flowing

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Jul 142009
Mountain Streams: Another View

Photographing mountain streams in the White Mountain National Forest

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Dec 102007
When to hire a pro photographer

© Paul Mozell Let’s say that you work in the marketing communications department of a technology, financial services, or bio-tech company. The VP of marketing has just assigned you to a team developing a new corporate identity. This includes new marketing brochures, sell sheets, web content, and a schedule of press releases. The VP says  […]

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