Jan 132016

Lou Jones, esteemed Boston-based photographer January 21, 7PM:  A Lecture Series on Innovation in Contemporary Photography. Jones has been awarded Travel Photographer of the Year by the International Photographic Council (United Nations). Nikon recognizes Jones as a “Legend Behind the Lens” and Lowepro has honored him as a “Champion”.for his photography, Jones helped found the […]

Feb 282015
Winter Woods

The aftermath of one of many winter storms we had in February 2015. Nikon D7100, 18-140 lens, RGB converted to mono in Adobe Lightroom. Attend my Photowalk – Meetup Winter Woods workshop on March 7 to learn how to make photographs like this one and meet like-minded photographers.

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Mar 062014
Amarylis in The Dining Room

This was lit with one CFL bulb in a five dollar gooseneck, hardware store lamp clamped to a light stand. The only fancy gear was a 30 inch reflector disk on a stand. The background was a length of plain black clothe hung from the ceiling with 2 pushpins. Oh yes, it was 3 exposures […]

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Aug 172013
Aerial Photos in the Garden State

  Yesterday I had the pleasure of flying over Toms River, New Jersey, where I had been retained to photograph a  bridge on the Garden State Parkway. My client builds temporary bridges to support emergency or planned construction of highway sections. Recently, I’ve photographed bridges on Martha’s Vineyard, the Merrimack River, and The Connecticut River. […]

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Dec 232012
Tree Silouette: First Full Day of Winter

A cold and very windy day at Appleton Farms in Ipswich was great for tree silhouettes. Five folks joined me on this first excursion of the Meetup group: North Shore Outdoor Photographers.

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Nov 162011
Nature Photography Tips 20 and 21

Although the eye and brain attempt to neutralize the perceived color of light, your brain and eye can still sense the difference between the light of a cool shaded forest and the warm tones of sunset on the beach. Cameras don’t have this power or sensitivity; at least not yet.

Today’s digital cameras think that average daylight is somewhere between 5500° and 6000° Kelvin. Years ago I read that this value was a measurement of sunlight at high noon on the Summer Solstice as it occurs in Washington, D.C. This could be folklore, but it sounds nice!

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Aug 122011
Nature Photography Tips 16 to 19

© Paul Mozell The fourth installment in a new series. Your feedback is welcome! All photographs in the series are available as fine art prints and licensed stock images. 16) Silky smooth waterfalls and surf Most of us are drawn to silky smooth water photographs. Is it the other-worldliness that is appealing? Achieving the effect […]

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Aug 032011
Nature Photography Tips 11 to 15

The third installment in a series of tips about how to improve your nature and landscape photography.

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Jul 262011
Nature Photography Tips 6 to 10

The second installment in a new series. Your feedback is welcome!

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Jul 192011
Nature Photography Tips 1 to 5

Today I’m launching a series of short tips about how to improve your nature photography. Each post will have about 5 pointers and my working list currently runs to fifty points. At some time in the near future all the points will be published as an e-book or perhaps, something more ambitious. Your comments are welcome!

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