Aug 112014

Full Moon Over Wakefield, Massachusetts

In case you missed last night’s full “super” moon. Here it is sailing past a church steeple by Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA. Our natural satellite appears larger today because it is closer to planet earth than usual.

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Aug 102014

Wild Turkey
This afternoon my daughter and I met several turkeys during a walk in Lincoln, Massachusetts. While I was photographing the large ungainly birds a woman passing by said, “Aren’t they beautiful, look at all the colors?” In contrast, Molly said, “It looks like you can see their brains.” What do you think?

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Jun 302014

Mozell’s Water Llilies at The Rockery Pond

This afternoon I led a photo walk at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield. This image called “Mozell’s Water Lilies” is at the Rockery Pond. We were entertained by a beaver who swam repeatedly around a giant snapping turtle — whacking his tail, while the turtle spun around in the water as if struggling with its dinner. Quite a show

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Jun 232014

Old Academy Building, New Salem, MA built in 1838

About 20 years ago I was bicycling around the Quabbin Reservoir in central Massachusetts and stumbled across the tiny village of New Salem. I found a long town green lined with mature, old trees, surrounded by 18th and 19th century homes and buildings. There was no sign of a traffic light, convenience store, gas station, or of any modernity what-so-ever. I felt as though I had stepped  through a window in time to the year 1830.

I half expected to see a movie crew  appear from behind the false facades of each of the buildings. But, these building were real on my first visit, and just and fantastic today when I returned to New Salem on the way home from a photo shoot in Hadley, MA about 15 miles away. A sign indicates that this is indeed an historic district.

It is so important to preserve windows in time like New Salem. I imagine that each of the 50 US states has precious little villages like this one, seemingly unaffected by the giant footprint of development and economic growth. I’ve felt the same sense of wonder and excitement while “discovering” a silver mine in Colorado, the remains of a logging camp in Maine, and a farm valley in Rochester, Vermont known as North Hollow.

If you know of secret little villages like New Salem, please let me know. Maybe this will the beginning of a photo essay or book!


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Jun 182014
A mother robin pauses after feeding her chicks in the nest.

A mother robin pauses after feeding her chicks in the nest.

I’ve been watching this little family for some time. When Mom is away at the Worm-o-Market the kids pass the time by arguing and tussling a bit and grooming easy other. Every once in while, one little one will make some practice wing flaps. Mom returns from the hunt and lands or a nearby branch, scanning the area for predators and photographers. She deftly lands in her nest and hands a worm or bug to one of the kids. How does she choose who gets fed?

She hangs around a bit, scolding and teaching, then decides to take a rest and plops her plump body protectively on the babies. Some time passes and she flies off again, searching for another juicy morsel. The lives of robins in the spring.

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