Mar 252015

Today I began work on a new project to photograph makers of musical instruments in the Boston area. Bill Tippin of Tippin Guitars in Marblehead, MA welcomed me to his shop on the waterfront. A master luthier with over 30 years of experience making fine instruments, Bill specializes in crafting and repairing steel string guitars for finger-pickers and flat-pickers. Each instrument is custom built for the owner, considering the style of music, technique, and sound preferred by the musician. Recently he has parlayed his devotion to deep sea fishing into a sideline for his shop — custom made fishing rods.

Shaping the braces on a spruce top.
Shaping the braces on a spruce top.
Shaping the armrest.
Shaping the armrest.
Sanding with 1000 grit paper
Sanding with 1000 grit paper.
A guitar will take 9 coats of lacquer before it is finished and perfect.
Tuning a 1937 Martin OM28 before shipping to customer. Repair work included internal work to improve sustain and new frets, saddle and bridge.

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Mar 232015

On this cold and blustery second day of spring I visited favorite haunts in Gloucester and Rockport on Cape Ann.

Schooner Fame
Schooner Fame of Salem gets an overhaul at Gloucester Marine Railways shipyard
Aged hull of fishing trawler, Gloucester, MA
Pulley and Cable, Fishing Boat
Pulley and cable, fishing trawler, Gloucester
Mooring Line On Cleat
Mooring line and cleat, Gloucester
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Feb 282015

Winter woods beside Pearce Lake, Breakheart Reservation, Wakefield, Massachusetts, New England

The aftermath of one of many winter storms we had in February 2015. Nikon D7100, 18-140 lens, RGB converted to mono in Adobe Lightroom. Attend my Photowalk – Meetup Winter Woods workshop on March 7 to learn how to make photographs like this one and meet like-minded photographers.

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Feb 252015

© Paul Mozell

You have to wonder why some folks post the photographs they do on dating websites. Why do people go to all the trouble and expense to develop their profiles and then post unflattering photographs? Dating scientists recently published the following list of top ten dating photo sins:

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Feb 102015
Snowshoeing in Breakheart Reservation, Wakefield, MA

Snowshoeing in Breakheart Reservation, Wakefield, MA

When you’re fed up with shoveling, leaky roofs, 10 foot piles of snow, the total breakdown of mass transit, and closed schools…its time to go snowshoeing.

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