Aug 022015

Today, Molly and I celebrated her 14th birthday, a few days ahead of time, with a whale watch out of Gloucester, MA. We booked passage for the 5 hour journey on the Miss Cape Ann, operated by Captain Bill & Sons. We met about 10 Humpbacks, one shark, and numerous sea birds on the 60 mile round-trip excursion to the fertile Stellwagon Bank Marine Sanctuary. The on-board naturalist from The Blue Ocean Society knew each and every one of the whales by name, identified by the patterns on their flukes.

Too close for comfort! Humpback whale sends a greeting to a 15 footer.

Too close for comfort! Humpback whale sends a greeting to a 15 footer.

Whales swam blithely under our large boat, and a whale mother and child exhibited their nursing skills without a care in the world

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Jun 042015

Filmed with an EyePhone 5s, edited in EyeMovie, at the Appleton Farms & Grass Rides in Hamilton, MA during a run in the early evening today. Please set your viewer to HD and full screen.

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May 102015

Found in Breakheart Reservation, Wakefield, MA today.

Wood Anemone

Wood Anemone, Anemone quinquefolia a member of the buttercup family. Found in Breakheart Reservation, Wakefield, MA in early May.

Wild Oats

Uvularia sessilifolia, wild oats in Breakheart Reservation, Wakefied, MA, on an early May afternoon.

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Apr 152015

In preparation for an upcoming photo Meetup I spent the afternoon at my favorite spot in Essex County: Gloucester, Massachusetts where 300 years of fishing tradition continue, amid economic hardship, tough fishing restrictions, and offshore competition.

The reflections and colors of the harbor have held my attention for 30 years. Today, I was lucky to visit The State Pier when the trawlers Endeavour and Challenger were unloading their catch of herring. The result of several days fishing in the Hudson Gorge, the herring were being loaded on two flatbed tractor-trailers for a trip to Deer Isle, Maine for distribution as lobster bait.

Reflections in Gloucester harbor
New Propeller on a wooden boat at Gloucester Marine Railways shipyard.
Old Pier Reflections
Blue Reflections
The new pier in Gloucester
Dories built and rowed in Gloucester
Lobster boats
This old lobster boat may need a lot of help.
Unloading Herring
The Dragger Endeavour
Sunset on the Annisquam from The Cut Bridge.

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Apr 132015

I live in a small town north of Boston where as the saying goes, “they roll the sidewalks up at night.” Nevertheless, there still is some color after the sun has set.

Cravings at Colonial Spa
Harts Hardware
Gazebo, Wakefield, MA

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