Aug 242017

Verrill Farm in Concord, MA draws me in for many visits during late summer when their 48 varieties of tomatoes — mostly heirloom — and the sweetest corn are harvested. As soon as I arrived home I made a pot of gazpacho.

Delicious tomatoes from Verrill Farm, Concord, MA, where 48 varieties are planted.

Baskets of just-picked tomatoes at Verrill Farm, Concord, MA

Assortment of pick-your-own flowers at Verrill Farm, Concord, MA

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Aug 182013

Green Peppers
Yellow and Orange Peppers
Tomatoes for Sale

My annual tribute to the colors of the farmers’ market. In New England buying local is something that lasts only from July to October. After that we have to rely on our root cellars as well as dried, salted, and pickled produce.

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