Jun 182017

I recently visited the factory of C.B. Fisk, makers of pipe organs in Gloucester, MA. A team of about twenty seven highly skilled craftspeople build instruments that are close relatives of the organs used by Bach in the 1700’s. Superficially, the workspaces resemble common machine shops and woodworking facilities, but there is more than meets the eye. Built to very tight tolerances, a large organ for a church can take up to six months to complete — and that does not include shipping and assembly. A 1/16 scale model of each organ is built by the shop’s designated model-maker, and each organ is dry-fit in the plant before shipping.

Pipe organ at the Harvard Memorial Church, Cambridge, MA, built by C.B. Fisk, Inc. of Gloucester, MA
Tony Miscio at C. B. Fisk, Inc., Gloucester, MA, assembling a keyboard for a pipe organ.
Keyboard of a new pipe organ bult by C.B. Fisk, Gloucester, MA
Keyboard of a new pipe organ built by C.B. Fisk, Gloucester, MA
Nomi Hamada works on pipes for an organ being built by CB Fisk, of Gloucester, MA
Kate Harrington uses a hand plan to fine tune the pipes for an organ being built by C.B. Fisk, Gloucester, MA
Carl Klein of C.B. Fisk builds delicate reed mechanisms that generate sound for some of the organ's pipes.
Tibout Lenfant of C.B. Fisk, inc., Gloucester, MA works on parts for a pipe organ., cutting wood precisely with a drill press.
Scale model of a church with a C.B. Fisk organ scheduled for installation at Christ Church Episcopal, Philadelphia, PA

Visit my posts about Tippin Guitars, Haynes Flute. S.E. Shires, Co. (brass instruments), and Christoper White Violins.

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Apr 292014
Fishermen from the trawler Teresa Marie III, docked in Gloucester, MA, off haibut from a one week voyage in the fishing grounds of the north Atlantic.

Fishermen from the trawler Teresa Marie III, docked in Gloucester, MA, offload halibut from a one week voyage in the fishing grounds of the north Atlantic.

Today when I visited the piers in Gloucester, MA and spoke to the deckhands and pier crew offloading several tons of halibut, I couldn’t help but think about the fresh, farmed, and frozen fish from China that is sold in our local supermarkets.

A load of halibut is transferred from a trawler to a pier in Gloucester, MA

A load of halibut is transferred from a trawler to a pier in Gloucester, MA

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Dec 072013

Wingaersheek Beach at Night

I was alone on Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA on December 3 hoping to photograph the Milky Way over Ipswich Bay. Instead, I captured the gentle waves, Annisquam light to stage right, and the glow of Newburyport’s  abundant city lights on stage left. The exposure was 15 seconds. Click the image for a full-screen view.

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Oct 172013
A walking trail through Ravenswood, forested land in Gloucester, MA

A walking trail through Ravenswood, forested land in Gloucester, MA

On this Columbus Day, the 600 acre Ravenswood Park  in Gloucester showed off its back-lit pines and hemlocks. Go there any time for a walk, trail run, or short nordic ski trip.

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Apr 152013

The fading afternoon light at Wingaersheek Beach highlights contours of the granite outcrops in the tide. Annisquam Light is on the horizon.

Outgoing Tide at Wingaersheek Beach

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Jan 202013

Sunset Over Wingaersheek I rushed to catch the sunset tonight from the Annisquam neighborhood of Gloucester, MA. Got there just in time, don’t you think?

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Dec 042012

It was a perfect cloudy day for roaming the Gloucester Marine Railway on Rocky Neck in Gloucester looking for patterns, textures, and shapes. Here is the oldest continuously operating shipyard in the USA, and to my eyes it is full of character and life.

Giant chains attached to a wooden sled (I’ve made up the name) pull ships from the harbor. The freshly painted bow of the historic Schooner Adventure. The 122 ft vessel is undergoing a complete restoration courtesy of donors and the City of Gloucester.

These photographs are available as licensed stock images for commercial use and as fine art prints.

Rusty gear works are part of the mechanism of the marine railway.

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Nov 252012

The public has been invited to tour and explore the tower sections and rotor blades on the grounds on the Blackburn Industrial Park. The giant carbon fiber structures were delivered to Gloucester Harbor on barges and moved to the site at night in a slow caravan.


Three giant wind turbines are being erected in Gloucester, MA. Reaching 492 freet from the tower base to the top of the rotor, the  turbines will be among the highest in the Northeast. Two turbines will power public buildings in the city of Gloucester, which is expected to save at least $11 million in electricity bills over the next 25 years. Continue reading »

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Nov 122012

Bearskin Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts is a year round mecca for tourists but traffic slows down considerably by mid-November. It’s a bit like Provincetown, MA in minature and much more intimate and approachable. You’ll find photography, painting and print galleries; T-shirt shops; ice cream; a great year-round coffee shop with a view of the harbor; potters; pewter, jewelry; and collectables of all kinds. I especially admired the work of potter and painter Scott Tubby who spoke with us at length in his new, 2-story gallery. This photograph is a composite of three images, each made with an exposure time of 15 seconds.

On an autumn night Jupiter dominates the heavens above a cemetery in Gloucester, MA.

In contrast to the color and vitality of Bearskin Neck this view of the night sky, features Jupiter in all his majesty. If I’d had the patience I would have make a 1 or 2 hour capture of the star trails. Yet,  I think the rendition of twinkling stars offset by the silhouette of a grand, leaf-less old tree is sufficient.

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Sep 072012

© Paul Mozell 2012

This morning I wandered down to the State Pier in Gloucester, MA with a camera and one lens, hoping to find some photographs of fishermen. I spoke to one lobsterman who said that it hardly pays to go out these days. He said that the prices he’s getting for lobster can’t get much lower. That’s how we get the $4.00/lb price at the supermarket. Pointing to a load of traps on his boat, he said that each trap costs him around $100 and that he has an astounding 800 of them to care for and keep track of. When asked how long the traps last, he replied that some last a week while others last for years, depending on whether or not they get run over by other boats. The owner of a nearby trawler told me, “It’s just not the same anymore—there just aren’t enough fish. I’m not going out today”

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