Photographer: Lou Jones Lecture, Amesbury, MA Jan 21

Lou Jones, esteemed Boston-based photographer

January 21, 7PM:  A Lecture Series on Innovation in Contemporary Photography.

Jones has been awarded Travel Photographer of the Year by the International Photographic Council (United Nations). Nikon recognizes Jones as a “Legend Behind the Lens” and Lowepro has honored him as a “Champion”.for his photography, Jones helped found the school Center for Digital Imaging Arts of Boston University and conceived the prestigious Griffin Museum’s annual Focus Awards. Emblematic in his career, Lou Jones will provide us with perspectives on contemporary photography – notably how digital tools have helped to re-define his commitment to creating the visual impact he seeks in his work. From photographing the Olympics, to traveling the country to capture the great chefs, and creating new work towards his panAfrica project, we are excited to get such an opportunity to share this intimate discussion with this honored professional.­

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