Landscape Photography Inspired by Hudson River Painters

Cornfield by the West Branch of the White River, Rochester, Vermont

© Paul Mozell 2008

When photography was in its infancy in the early 19th century, the art of landscape painting was approaching a new zenith. In its time, the work of the members of the Hudson River School and later, the White Mountain School,  was growing in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. Continue reading


18 Century Couple

Bobbie Wayne and Dan Mozell wear replicas of 18th century - Colonial Era clothing, and perform period music

I had the pleasure of photographing my brother Dan Mozell and his wife Bobbie Wayne, in her art studio in Gloucester. Their 18th Century attire adds a feel of authenticity to their occasional music performances. Bobbie plays Celtic harp and Dan accompanies on guitar and mandolin.

After we completed a series of poses of the duo, Bobbie switched to a different type of formal attire for another portrait.

Painter, BJ Wayne


Fall Leaves Are Down–Yet There’s Plenty of Color

© Paul Mozell 2009


When the bright yellow and red leaves of New England’s maples, birch, beech and oak have fallen, there is still plenty of color to photograph. I especially enjoy the rust colors that emerge from the cattails, willow, and grasses. On a dry, clear afternoon in November, the light quickly warms as the sun drops toward the horizon.


Three Days of Shooting In October

© Paul Mozell

In three consecutive days I shot architecture in Boston’s South End, a client’s family reunion, and took a hike with my daughter to one of our favorite nature venues. The contrast in photo assignments was invigorating and I felt very much “in the zone” with all my creative energies flowing

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End of Summer In Franconia Notch

"The Basin" in Franconia Notch is formed by the headwaters of the Pemmigiwasett River

"The Basin" in Franconia Notch is formed by the headwaters of the Pemigiwasett River. This is a multiple exposure, each frame at a little more than one second.© Paul Mozell 2009

This weekend I returned to some favorite photographic and hiking haunts in Franconia Notch and found familiar themes and a few surprises, including earlier fall colors and a rugged volunteer trail crew. Continue reading


Jennifer and Shawn

The Wedding Dance

The Wedding Dance © Paul Mozell 2009

The constant heavy rain on this wedding day made the outdoor ceremony impossible, as well as the seaside venue for the couple’s portraits. But everyone made the best of it and this couple’s joy was evident every time they danced that night.