Boston Violin Maker Christopher White

I recently visited Boston violin maker Christopher White in his studio. This is the forth installment of my series on musical instrument makers in New England. The shots may become the foundation for a magazine story or exhibit.

In over 25 years at his workshop, Christopher has made over 150 violins and violas and over 30 cellos. Inspired by the work of Cremona Italy masters Guarneri del Gesu and Antonio Stradivari, all the work is done using hand tools; with the exception of rough cuts made on a bandsaw.

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Boston violin maker Christopher White shows a recently completed instrument, ready to be shipped to a customer.
A violin scroll and peg box in the studio of Boston violin maker Christopher White
Boston violin maker Christopher White stocks domestic and European woods.
The workbench of Boston violin maker Christopher White displays a violin body, top, neck and a shaping frame for bending the sides.
At the workshop of Boston violin maker Christopher White, instruments are displayed in various states of repair and/or completion.

Edward Steichen: Twentieth-Century Photographer

An exhibition of the work of photographer Edward Steichen. Showing at The deCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA until March 19.

You may have discovered Steichen as I did in the exhibition catalogue of the great “Family of Man” show, curated by Steichen in 1955. The photographer’s ground-breaking work helped photography gain recognition as an art form in a world of skeptical art critics. Marvel at his dramatic portraits of Hollywood stars, still life compositions, high-fashion, flowers, and city scenes.


Butterfly Racer

Not many people know that I photograph swim teams. It takes me back to my junior high school years when I attempted to be a fast breaststroker at the Y on 14th Street, Manhattan. This shot was something of an accident. My strobe didn’t fire and instead of a frozen sports moment I got this impressionistic shot.

YMCA swim racer, butterfly

A young swimmer at a YMCA pool shows off his butterfly stroke.


Autumn Pond at Peak Color

New Hampshire sunset

Autumn sunset with peak color on a lake in New Ipswich, NH, USA

In spite of the drought that has dried up New England since the summer, the fall color has turned out to be surprisingly good. Here’s a shot that uses 3 different exposures to capture the wide dynamic range of this scene. I use Photomatix Pro to create fine HDR images.

This photograph is available as a fine art print or, licensed from commercial use.





Outgoing Tide

Parker River Refuge, Plum Island, outgoing tide

The outgoing tide reflects the amber hues of the setting sun at Parker River Wildlife Refuge in Newbury, MA. I love the abstract nature of this image and how it seems to mimic an Alaskan glacier. The sky above was amber-hued, the sand coarse and reflective.


How to Make Trumpets and Trombones

In late August I visited S.E. Shires, Co. to photograph the crafting of custom trumpets and trombones. This is the third installment of my series on musical instrument makers in New England. The Shires plant in Hopedale, MA has been making brass instruments for devoted horn players since 1995. Most of the men and women who work here are musicians too. They’re using computer guided cutting tools and machines, early 20th century apparatus,  lots of small and large welders, and plenty of hands-on work to make each perfect instrument.

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Springtime Forest

An afternoon walk in the woods near home, showcasing the bright green of early June. (All photographs are available for commercial licensing and fine art prints.)

The fern path

Cinammon ferns in a forest of beech, oak, and white pine.

Cinammon Fern

Cinammon Ferm, Osmundastrum cinnamomeum

Rotting Tree

Rotting Tree in Breakheart Reservation, Wakefield, MA