Dating Website Photo Horrors

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You have to wonder why some folks post the photographs they do on dating websites. Why do people go to all the trouble and expense to develop their profiles and then post unflattering photographs? Dating scientists recently published the following list of top ten dating photo sins:

  1. Wearing sunglasses. You may feel cool but people want to see your eyes and full, beautiful face.
  2. An orange date stamp showing that the shot is 5 years old. Enough said!
  3. Big floppy hat. Great for protecting your skin but not for attracting a mate.
  4. Your arm around a much younger person. Is this your child, friend, or ex?
  5. Out of focus, grainy selfy, with red-eye from flash. Come-on!
  6. In a group of people. Which one is you?
  7. Sexy pose that looks too trashy.
  8. “Here I am on vacation” shot. Holding skis.
  9. You’re in evening attire with a drink in your hands, at a wedding or business event. Not appealing.
  10. And the # 1 worst dating photo idea goes to: The “Ex” has obviously been cropped out! You can see his/her hand around your shoulder for God’s sake!

A good dating photo can be taken by a capable friend, or by a friendly professional photographer. If you are serious about finding a match, post some or all of the following:

  1. A good headshot with a partial or full smile
  2. One or more environmental portraits taken at home or an outdoor location. Look for a mix of waist-up and full body poses. A skilled photographer will make photographs that minimize your weaknesses and show off your strengths.
  3. Don’t use the business suit portrait you post on LinkedIn.
  4. Post a variety of poses in different locations and perhaps with different clothes. Puffy down jackets are not a good idea.

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