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My new eBook is available today

Improve Your Nature Photography: 50 Practical Tips

Introductory price: $4.95.  Purchase and download  now (pdf format).

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From the Introduction—

Two RoadsWhen I sat down to write this book it was clear to me from the start that the challenge would be to keep the number of tips down to 50. I’ve been writing about photography for some time now in magazines and online, and my goal was to keep my first eBook short and to the point. I felt as many musicians must feel when recording their first CD.

Most of the principles laid out here are common to other photographic pursuits. What you know about portrait and table-top photography can be readily applied to flower photography. If you have experience shooting sports, your comprehension of the principles of shutter speed and selective focus will help you shoot better waterfalls, wildlife, and movement of any kind. Do you enjoy travel, vacation or street photography? It’s likely your eye is trained to seek out unusual compositions, shapes, and moments in time.

If you’re just starting out to photograph the natural world don’t hesitate to emulate the work of famous photographers. Have faith that your own style will emerge. Evaluate your own work as objectively as you can and request feedback from others.

Enjoy yourself in nature and make photographs often. Follow the rules and then break them. Revisit familiar locales and explore new ones. Take creative chances and share your work.


“Paul Mozell has created a simple, elegant, and—most importantly—helpful guide to improving your nature photography. With a nice blend of technical, practical, and even philosophical tips, he guides you through the process he’s used for years. Whether you’re scouting wildlife, shooting a waterfall, or trying to frame a shot while kneeling in the mud, Mozell has advice that will help you get the shot you want.” — Marc Chalufour – Senior Editor, Appalachian Mountain Club

“I just read this – fantastic!  And the accompanying photographs complement the book nicely.” — Jay McCarthy – President, Newburyport Art Association


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  1. Paul’s book is already a great help to me as a relatively novice independent filmmaker. Some of its tips confirms time-honored best practices I have already been taught such as “shoot what you love” or his composition guidelines. But much of this beautiful, well-laid out book gave me new ideas about how to approach any subject, not just nature. For example, I would never have thought to employ Paul’s “Long-lens-wide, wide-lens- small theory” (tip #11) or using a grey card (#25). I am sure I will be relying on “Improve Your Nature Photography” for years to come!

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