Artificial Intelligence Can’t Do Work Like this: Hands and Minds Required

Perhaps you share my concern that artificial intelligence (AI) may be taking us to a future that has no need for people who work with their hands. I’d like your help in identifying folks who build things that require dexterity, creativity, hand-eye coordination and plenty of strength and love of their work. I’m planning a photo essay similar to my project published last year in the Boston Globe about instrument makers. You can help! Just PM me with referrals to folks who work in this area as inventors, scientists, white collar or blue. I’m just not looking for photographs of people glued to screens. Check out the gallery here for inspiration. Thanks! And, please share with friends.

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Holiday Lights Seen differently

Last night it was my intention to photograph a meteor shower—as announced by the TV weather people, but the moonlight was overpowering and I think I went out too early. On the way home while passing many homes decorated by large and small Christmas light displays I was taken by the idea of shooting the lights from my moving car. Here are some of the results.

Which one is your favorite?

Christmas lights photographed from a moving car. Wakefield, MA


Christmas lights photographed from a moving car. Wakefield, MA



Back to the farm.

If you follow my work on this and other web sites you know I have a strong connection to the Appleton Farms & Grass Rides property in Ipswich and Hamilton, MA. Managed by The Trustees of Reservations it is said to be the oldest continuously used farm in America — established 1638. Closed to the public for a few months due to Clovid-19, Molly and I were happy to return to the re-opened farm. Photos made with new iPhone SE, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Teenaged girl approaches newly planted tulip poplars which replace a row of Norway maples – invasive species
Old riding trail at the Appleton Farms & Grass Rides property
The Great Pasture at Appleton Farms may still look as it did when the farm was established in 1638.