Mystic-Tobin Bridge

Most of the photographs of bridges I see are taken from the air or otherwise above the bridge. Me, I go down, down, down and look up at the underbelly. This is the Mystic-Tobin Bridge in Boston, the largest in New England.

The Mystic-Tobin Memorial Bridge is a cantilever truss bridge that spans the Mystic River from Charlestown to Chelsea, Massachusetts. It opened in 1950 after two years of construction. The bridge is more than 1,500 feet long, with a center span of about 800 feet in length.

Band Portraits

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making publicity photographs for the bluegrass-roots-Americana-fusion band Acousticana. The setting was The Waterworks Museum beside the Chestnut Hill Reservoir in Boston. The band wanted to avoid cliche album-cover images such as railroad tracks, brick wall, and dry, open fields. The museum’s fascinating restoration of giant wheels and pumps provided the ideal setting.    

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