Up On the Roof

Some days I feel very lucky to be a photographer. Yesterday, I made these images from the roof of a building in downtown Boston. The view was almost as good as flying. The North End looks like a small village, marked by the famous steeple of The Old North Church. In the distance are East Boston, Logan Airport, and the Deer Island waste processing plant.

The Leonard Zakim Bridge crosses the Charles River, joining Boston proper and Charlestown. Easily the most outstanding structure to come out of Boston’s infamous Big Dig construction project, its cable stay design was inspired by Boston’s maritime history. The pointed towers echo the form of the nearby Bunker Hill monument in Charlestown.

These photographs and many others are available for purchase as fine art prints and licensed stock images for commercial use.

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  1. I love these, especially the Zakim bridge. I didn’t know about the background of it’s design. Very neat.

  2. Thanks! Also, Zakim was head of the Anti-Defamation League in Boston and a well-regarded builder of bridges between communities.

  3. Nice shots. My wife is from outside Boston, and whenever I am there and see the Zakim bridge I always want to take some photos, but it seems I’m never in a position where I can do so. What a cool bridge!

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