Saugus River From Above

Today I photographed the Saugus River in Massachusetts from the air. The river meanders 13 miles from its source in Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield through the towns of Lynnfield, Saugus and Lynn  to Broad Sound in the Atlantic.052114-174

I enjoyed several flights in a single-engine, top-wing Cessna over the past few years. On this occasion the pilot was very specific in his instructions to me. He said, “If something were to happen to me, please take the controls and land on the nearest flat surface. It doesn’t have to be an airport. If we are near Logan airport just follow their instructions. Push this red button so  you can talk to them. If we need to land in the water we will probably flip over. You’ll need to unlock the door before we land so we can open it after hitting the water. Can you swim? The barf bag is here. And, if you would like to drive a little while on the way back that would be fine with me.” I did, but not very well.


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