Restoring A Grand Old Wooden Schooner

© Paul Mozell 2012 The Highlander Sea, a 154 foot long wooden schooner is being repaired at the Gloucester Marine Railways. Originally christened “The Pilot” after The Boston Pilots Association it was launched in Essex, MA in 1924. The boat changed hands a number of times and most recently has been cruising the Great Lakes with up to 10 passengers enjoying the schooner’s luxury accommodations. A number of planks in its hull are being replaced by a small crew of skilled workers at the Marine Railway. This facility has been in operation since Lincoln was president, according to John Hinckley, who is seen here hammering caulking material between the planks. If you have ever wanted to own a grand sailing vessel here is your chance. This boat is on the market for a $2 million dollars. The schooner Adventure built in 1926 and the gill-net fishing boat Phyllis A. launched in 1925 are current neighbors in the boat yard. If you are in the neighborhood of Rocky Neck in a couple of weeks you may be lucky enough to see the Highlander Sea slide back down the railway into the harbor. Click images for a larger view.

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